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Services Overview

Recruitment Process management

With the fast changing global scenario, Companies are increasingly feeling the need for optimal utilization of all resources. Recruitment, which today has become synonymous with the soul of HR is receiving maximum attention in this respect.

Onboarding Services
At XecuteHR we continuously strive to offer our clients very meaningful, differentiated solutions which not only reduce burden on the client organization in terms of resource requirement and deployment but also improve processes like never before, your OBMS solution is one such differentiated offering.

HR Process management

HRO  defines our Employee Lifecycle Management solution where we take end to end responsibility of Lifecycle processes management as per SLAs starting from Onboarding to offboarding management.  We also support these deliveries with our Advisory solutions on Process and policy re-engineering and XiTE modules if so required. All our HRO projects are managed by Key Account Managers supported by delivery teams onsite or onsite and offsite as per delivery requirements. 

HR Shared Services

As part of our HR Shared Services solutions we  offer the choice of process-wise engagement helping clients realize efficient, timely and most cost effective HR transaction outcomes, riding on our XiTE HRMS Suite modules and the economies of scale of multi-client shared services hub.

Advisory services
XecuteHR's Strategic HR Consulting Solutions can help organizations optimize performance by meeting their most critical needs around Managing, Rewarding, Engaging Talent, Building Leadership and ensuring Intelligent Remuneration Design. All these initiatives effectively enhance Organizational effectiveness.

Xtemping services

With persistent uncertainty of business conditions, more organizations are seeking to incorporate and expand their use of contingent workforce as it enables them to adapt more easily to the changing market. Contingent workforce offers expertise that is not inside the organization. Rather than training an internal employee on a specific technology or process, leveraging a temp professional can save the business resources, time and money. Temp staffing is ideal for companies who constantly work on time and cost constraints incurred on permanent hire thereby increasing hiring flexibility.


Since its inception the team at XecuteHR has not only created its web-based Human resources management Solutions from scratch but has also successfully implemented it in more than 5 client environments. Named as XiTE HRMS suite, the range of HR software solutions are hosted on the NaviSite server and is provided as a SaaS solution to medium and large enterprises including multinationals.

Search & Selection

At XecuteHR, our Search & Selection Vertical actively partners with clients looking for such ongoing recruitment and placement services. For us the process starts with understanding the business space within and outside India, looking on quick industry/ job learning which may be helpful for you, the client and then mapping and putting a strategy to acquire the targeted talent.  We also undertake assessment of relevant success behaviors for the candidate to ensure the best fit.

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Recruitment Process management
Onboarding Services
HR Process Management
Advisary Service

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