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Assessments Portfolio

Most organizations today understand the criticality of hiring, developing and retaining the right quality of talent to enable success in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace.  Increasingly , even with a limited pool of talent to select from, companies have also realized that relying alone on an individual’s current expertise and experience, without evaluating their beyond-technical fit in the job and the organization as a whole will not ensure a long term engagement and therefore operational success.

Psychometric Assessments therefore are emerging highly advantageous for such organizations, whereby they get a view into individual aspects such as ability, attributes, suitability, interests, personality and other areas which play an important role in predicting performance in the future role and / or organization. Some of the areas where assessment tools can effectively support decision-making/ action include.

Areas directly supported by  Assessment Tools


XecuteHR has Assessments tools that can help your organization with achieving consistent and impartial results for any or all of these and can enhance the objectivity of any  evaluation process starting from finding the right hire to internally finding the right leader, assessing development needs and strengths at a glance, to making sure that your employees are where they should be to enable them to help your business grow.

Today, we boast of a young, enthusiastic and engaged team; passionate towards delivering superior solutions to our varied clientele across verticals. Again, in an endeavor to create a strong solution centered organization we have seasoned leaders from Human Resources and Business Management functions, from across various industries and Fortune 100 companies.

To augment this winning team, we are always keen to absorb qualified, result oriented individuals with passion for their work.

What our tools measure

Key Benefits:
The result of the assessments undertaken by XecuteHR bring about a very clear picture profile of each individual’s suitability for the role vice-a-versa the requirement. Key highlights are drawn from the assessment and individual profiles analyzed to understand where the partaker currently stands, it’s possible reasons and the relevant areas of improvement where the employee needs to focus in order to perform better.
Our tools help organizations:

  1. Identify development needs for employees to perform in their current job
  2. Predict subsequent job fitment
  3. Predict work group Compatibility
  4. Assess ability of candidates to “fit in” to organizational culture
  5. Screen people for emotional stability
  6. Identify current development needs
  7. Groom team for next level

Our Approach

The assessments include a series of tests done through paper and pencil The results are then tabulated and interpreted as per mandatory guidelines. This reduces the element of human bias. We do an in-depth study of industry and the job to understand certain behaviors. Conclusions drawn are then validated through a series of statistical tests which further corroborates the assessor’s theory. We provide customized profiles and reports for each incumbent that cites various parameters for success and also suggests customized plans to work on the inferred areas of improvement.

Note: The process involves the integration of information from multiple sources which includes evaluation, personal interviews and other collateral information.


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